Saturday, June 21, 2008

no such think..

a typographical response to Stephanie Johnson's poem:

"A fat woman replies 60 years later."

Take a look at us now, Simone
how free we are from our insides -
we scarcely know they’re there, the womb withdraws under flesh.

We sail our wobbly hulks through the malls
munch on shit
make twenty stone.

There is no such thing as greed.
We eat what we want.
That’s how free our lives can be.
Our magazines lionise
beautiful vacuity,
such overwhelming freedom,
Pull up a chair, take up a fork.

They feed us well
the multinationals
in every corner of the globe
or nearly.
We need not grow food, nor yet
cook it,
so freed from the stove
we’re forgetting how to use it.

Sixty-five percent of us are fat, Simone.
Our kids are porkers too and it’s all
because we’re liberated. Not that I’m suggesting
we go back
to big families, laundry dollies, coppers and carpet beaters,
what kept us thin.
We have triumphed and so has capitalism.

Take a look at us, the trophy wives
see how our arses overflow the chairs.

We need another revolution.

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